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Trial Exams
Examinations written by senior, experienced VCE teachers and VCE exam assessors.

Get Ahead – Head Start Notes Written by VCAA assessors
Ideal as a preparation tool for the forthcoming semester. Includes great advice targeted for the SACs and exams.

English Text Notes Written by VCAA Exam Assessors.
Detailed analyses of the examinable texts and text pairs. Get a different perspective and maximise your SAC and exam marks!

Exam Questions by Topic – Cambridge Checkpoints
VCAA exam questions grouped by topic! Maximise SAC marks by working through past exam questions as topics are covered at school. Decrease stress levels and workloads before the VCAA exams.

Exam Revision Notes Written by VCAA Exam Assessors.
Get the best possible notes for your exams. Written by the exam assessors themselves, this publication guarantees to prepare students to a high standard in their exams.